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Finally get relief from: Migraines, Sciatica, Fibromialgia, Back pain, Shoulder pain, Rotator cuff, Nerve pain, Whiplash, Carpal Tunnel, TMJ & Jaw pain, Foot, Knee & Ankle pain, Frozen Shoulder and STRESS!



"The Wait is Over", as they say.  Christopher Arnold's profoundly intuitive Fascial work is exactly what I need. For so many years, I've suffered with debilitating pain, tightness, severe muscle spasms and lack of function from Multiple Sclerosis and other complications. Then I began to learn about Myofascial Release from Christopher.  Most recently, my head and neck were feeling 'stuck' or 'frozen' which happens at times for me, causing excruciating pain. This time along with what I presumed was TMJ. Yet more debilitating pain. This was a pain crisis for me. I couldn't even think of driving. Christopher agreed to come to me and began to work on me with remarkable ability (at the time I could not even lie down) and what I call "safe hands". At my doctors I would tense up and go into even worse spasms! I appreciated Christopher's explanation of each subtle action, always making perfect sense.  The progress from this one treatment was profound and with his help I plan to continue making progress. His unique and intuitive approach to healing is very effective for my issues.  Looking forward to my next treatment and eventually surpassing the goals we discussed together. Thank you so much, Christopher. I feel a new sense of hope and confidence! - Annie K


Focused, intuitive and caring!

I wanted to let everyone know how amazing the myofascial release session with Christopher Arnold Lmt was. He has a great combination of skills, educated hands, connects with your body and has a compassionate touch. As a fellow therapist, I am very particular about treatment for myself and I plan on getting weekly sessions. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Chris to anyone who is interested in getting rid of pain and gaining strength & flexibility. Let go of your pain and everyday concerns and treat yourself to bliss with Chris! Thank you so much and see you next week. Darnell Nestor, Owner, Shanti Shala Yoga and Wellness center


Rarely does one get the opportunity to express themselves on a fellow professional. But when you see a friend, colleague, and your own personal Massage Therapist, soar, finding his way, his purpose, well, you have to speak up, and share the joy. Christopher Arnold LMT has decided to share his awesome gift of Massage and Myofascial Release to the public, opening his own space, and offering a treasure of experience in the art of bodywork. He continues to strive for excellence, educating himself in all areas, and modalities. But it is the heart, of Christopher, the most beautiful intentions, of healing, bringing relief from stress and physical pain. Do yourself a favor, go see Christopher Arnold LMT, you will not regret it. Greatest gift you could give yourself, AND others.        Pamela Hall L.M.T.

Hi Christopher,
We just wanted you to know how much we both enjoyed the wonderful massages that you gave each of us last Saturday!
We both agree that you have such a gentle but firm touch that made each of us feel so comfortable and beautifully relaxed! That feeling really lasted after you left.
What a wonderful surprise gift from our daughter!! How much we enjoyed having a Licensed Massage Therapist bring his very comfortable folding table and equipment to our home to give us massages! It was great and a gift we'll always remember!!
Thanks again!!
Manny and Gloria Horvitz
Christopher you seem to have such an uncanny ability with your hands. I am so prone to a lot of tension and you hone right in on those knots so easily. Love your work and talent! I look forward to my next visit with you! You are the best! Thank you. 
Barbara Molis
I just have to say Christopher you are the first and only massage therapist I will ever need!
To be able to work an eight to ten hour shift with no lower back pain and be able to stand up correctly is a blessing. You are great at what you do as well as a top notch therapist. Thank you so much. You have a gift and I know I'm grateful as well as everyone you've helped. I look forward to my next appointment. =)
Johnson Brown
Just wanted to share that Christopher has a special touch that comes through from his intuition guiding him. He is well trained and licensed, yet what comes from his Heart makes for the most amazing massage. You are held in a genuine energy of caring, comfortableness, safety and integrity. You will also enjoy Christopher's radiant personality and good-heartedness that shines through.
Donna Packard


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